PRO SKI UP is a great training for all types of athletes. It increase the development of basic and specific abilities of athletes.


This program is for individuals, ski teams, academies and similar organizations. It is ideal for the development of motor and functional abilities of skiers.

With proper performance, choice and volume of exercise PRO SKI UP training program allows perfect synchronization of muscles and skiing motion in general, the development of specific skills and controlled getting in athletic shape.The program has a big influence on the development of proprioceptionstatic and dynamic balanceagilityendurance,repetitiveexplosive and plyometric leg powerstrength of the trunkchestarms and shoulders. This program also develops a complete functional space.



It develops proprioceptiondynamic balanceagilityendurancerepetitiveexplosive and plyometric strengthaerobic and anaerobic capacity.

It focuses on the development of basic skills of athletes. Synchronizes leg muscles, trunk, arms, chest and shoulders.

PRO SKI UP SPORT training also reduces the risk of injury to athletes and brings the body into a state of preparedness for major efforts in a particular sport.

The specificity of sport PRO SKI UP training is to develop targeted motor and functional abilities with a predetermined plan and program of training.